1 Year later, 1000 posts, and a heartfelt thank you


Hi there everyone, It’s Martin of Tech News Central here. You probably don’t hear from us very often in such an informal way like this but it’s such a special occasion that we just thought why not? We’ve wrote this post today for three big reasons.

  1. It’s our one year anniversary! Tech News Central was first bought to life on the 10th October 2012. It’s been a long year!

  2. We’ve just hit our 1000th post! That’s a lot of news stories!

  3. Myself and Plato really wanted to say thank you (Aww) and we wanted to let you know a little more about the people behind Tech News Central

Firstly we’ll start off with the generic celebration text. Yipee! Yay! Congratulations! It’s been one year since TechNewsCentral rose out of the underbelly of the internet. Our first year has been a rough but rewarding one. We’ve had struggles with our hosting, struggles with getting the domains we wanted and some times, struggling to get some news to write! We’ve been through it all over the past year and we’ve learnt a lot about ourselves and where our talents lie. However, we wouldn’t have made it through the first year if people didn’t believe in us, (that’s the people reading this, FYI), for sticking by us, leaving comments, giving us feedback over Facebook or simple just reading our article. Every view, every read and every comment no matter how small really helps to spur us on and continue with what we’re doing. You guys and gals are amazing!

Next, we’ve hit our 1000th post! That’s a lot of articles for any blog! That equates to around 83 blog posts every month, and that figure is ever growing as we get better at what we do. When we first started out, we won’t lie, it was hard work seeing what stories were out there and which ones we thought were interesting for our readers. As time has come on though, we’ve got better at managing what we write and how we write, allowing us to publish more and more. Maybe in just a few months we’ll hit the 2000th post instead of waiting another 12 months. We’re growing ever better, and we’d love for you to continue on that journey with us.

Lastly,you people really do have our heartfelt thanks. Myself and Plato cannot stress that enough. Now it’s time to let you get to know us, the mysterious men behind TNC.

Plato Puthur – Owner and Editor

[grid][row][col span=”1″]886543_4396536636503_878825774_o[/col][col span=”5″]My name is Plato Puthur and I am the co-owner and editor of the TNC blog. I am a fan of all open source products and like to be in control of what I own. So that calls for my Android love. When it comes to the stories I write, I generally write what I find interesting on a day to day basis. In my real life I am a person with a full time work(sorry I am on NDA so I can’t say anything more :P) and loves music. I own an HTC One X+ and a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 as of now. My dream is to travel through out the world and experience different cultures. Owning a 4K projector is also one of my dreams, but considering how ridiculously it is priced at now, I think it can wait.[/col][/row][/grid]

Martin Berisford – Co-Editor/Owner

[grid][row][col span=”1″]1013458_531297703612958_1398761019_n (1)[/col][col span=”5″]My name is Martin Berisford and I am the co-owner and editor of the TNC blog. I generally write about Apple centred stories (Being a bit of a fanboy) but from time to time I delve into Android based stories just to see what cool features I can tell Apple to steal *cough* I am a 20 year old Graphic Design and Business Studies student and I’m looking to start an Economics degree at University next year. My favourite yet to be released gadget is Google Glass, I’m really looking forward to that one! The things I love most are my family and my two pet dogs who just cannot be good, but I still love them![/col][/row][/grid]

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