Razer’s new concept store in Bangkok is the biggest one yet

If you are a gamer, you should have heard the name Razer. It is a high quality and high priced hardware making company; that develops Laptops designed for gaming, Xbox accessories, sound bars and other products which are specifically designed for gaming.
But what most of the people did not know; is that this California centered company has concept stores in Asia.
The company just opened their third concept store, whose purpose is not to sell products but to show off the products which are developed by Razer. Recently we went to take a look at the stores in Bangkok, Thailand.
It is any gamers dream to get inside one of these stores; the size of the store is 180m square. The store is situated in a high storied mall. And the shop is filled with all the products from Razer, it included their super sleek gaming laptop, Xbox accessories, keyboards and mice which are designed with colorful lights and more.
After last year Razer got an investment from Intel they became a Billion Dollar industry; and they have concept stores in Manila and Taiwan but the new one in Bangkok in the biggest one. The idea for the store was very simple, this is a store where consumers can come and test their favorite Razer product without buying them, these stores are basically designed as a hangout spot where gamers can meet and play games. So if you do not have the money to buy the device you want, do not worry Razer wants you to go to their store and relax.
One of Razer’s product marketing team named Jun Shen Chia showed us the all the products that are on the display in the Bangkok store. The collection included their Blade Laptops which was designed because CEO Min-Liang Tan wanted a portable gaming device so that he can carry it while he is travelling.
Jun Shen showed us the wonderful Razer Chroma mouse, which is designed to pair up with Chroma headset; keyboard and mouse mat and they can be all synced to achieve an amazing gaming experience. Razer’s Xbox One controller named Wildcat is an awesome gamepad which has unique buttons, which helps you to play more comfortably.
The brand Razer is generally strong among the fans of massively multiplayer online games, in short MMO. Their products like Tartarus, Anansi, Nagato are uniquely designed with specialized buttons to improve a gamers’ skill sets. The Naga Hex by Razer looks like an abstract combination of a mouse and a keyboard.
CEO of Razer Tan told us that they want to open new concept stores in the United States and other parts of the world, but regulations and red tapes are holding them back, just a little bit. So if you are a gamer from the United States or Europe and you want to visit Razer’s concept stores, you do not have to wait long.

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