Virtual reality games revealed by Sony for the PlayStation VR are looking awesome

Today in San Francisco during the PlayStation Experience (PSX) event Sony announced some particularly fresh information on the PlayStation VR and they also showed us some fresh titles. But it is very unfortunate that we do not have any additional information, except that they are going to release on the first quarter of 2016. Although during today’s event the games we observed were astonishing. The event was a big success, Sony showed us the under development Virtual Reality games, which we liked the most, big game companies like Ubisoft came with their new Virtual Reality game so did the other companies. All in all, the hall was filled with an enthusiastic crowd and we obtained a handful of knowledge about Virtual Reality.

Sony gave us some new names like Eagle Flight from Ubisoft, Job Simulator, Golem from Highwire Games, Psychonauts 2, 100 foot Robot Golf, Rez Infinite and Bandai’s Ace Combat 7. As usual Sony did not provide us with release dates for a single one of these games, but it is our hunch that these will be the launch titles of PlayStation VR. The links of the trailers for these games are provided below…..

So get your PS4s ready, as only some of these games pose VR modifications but still they look pretty awesome.

In April of this year, we went there to know about what was called Project Morpheus momentarily, so you should check it out while we are waiting for the main event.

Although it has been a hell of a week for Virtual Reality, Oculus announced Rock Band VR with Harmonix, which will also be shipping in the beginning of 2016. I will not say that 2016 is the year of Virtual Reality, but also I will not say that it is not the year of Virtual Reality.