4 Myths That Stopped You from Having Your Very Own Business Website

Business websiteNo matter where you look at it, having a website for your business is surely going to help you take your business to the next level. Which then makes you wonder, how is it that despite that, there are still thousands of business owners that don’t have their very own website?

Short answer – it’s because they’ve fallen for the myths of having a website.

Sadly, if you’ve fallen for any of these myths, then chances are you’ve missed on the countless benefits that having a website can bring to your business. And in case you aren’t in the know, the benefits that I’m talking about are leads, sales, brand recognition, and an established network (among many others). These benefits would have surely given you the business boost that you needed.

So what exactly are these myths? Although there are a couple, allow me to share with you 4 of the most common ones that business owners fall for.

1.) You need to be an expert programmer/developer.
We’re already in year 2014. If you wanted to have your own website built way back in 2000, then you’d have been correct to think that you need an expert programmer/developer to have a website built.

There are now several website builders on the web that allows you to create your very own professional looking website, no need to code or design. The services that are offered by reputable companies like IM Creator or Website-Builder allows you to choose from gazillions of professional looking templates, the tools are so intuitive and easy to use that you can create one for yourself even if you don’t have any programming or web development background. The best part is, you can have your own site created for free.

2.) Its very expensive
Because having their very own website makes a person look fancy, it gives the impression that having one’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

They can never be further from the truth. With the plethora of services offered in the web, you can even have your very own self hosted site for $60 or less. And that includes a years’ worth of hosting.

Paying $60 or so a year is hardly going to affect your finances considering the sales and opportunities that having a website can bring to your business.

3.) Having a website won’t have an impact on your business.
Most of the people that have fallen for this myth are traditional businessmen. Because their business survived or even flourished without a website, they don’t really need a website. Right? WRONG!

The studies have shown how people are relying on the web more and more each day. Most people use their mobile devices to search for the nearest restaurants (there are TONS of apps who can help them with this), the best HVAC services, heck, they even use their mobile device to determine which brand new mobile device to buy.

If you aren’t in the web, then you’re clearly not even considered as an option.

4.) Maintenance will cost you an arm and a leg.
As far as the costs involved in having your site operational, all it takes is the $60 or so monthly fee that we’ve talked about.

Other than that, there’s not really much you should spend on. This of course depends on what your goal is of having a site. Sure you may add posts/articles but you can even do this yourself or someone from your team.

Are you guilty of having fallen for any of these myths? If you are, then it’s high time that you snap out of it and crank up your team to have your own website for your business built. The longer you delay, the more opportunities you miss.

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