5.5 inch LG phone leaks online

If you’re waiting for a more affordable LG Optimus G Pro, then you may just be in luck if the LG G Pro Lite Dual turns out to be the real deal. The phone is reported to come with dual-SIM support and also a 5.5inch display. However, this display will have a 960 x 540 pixel resolution unlike its predecessor.

As a ‘Lite’ version, it’ll be coming with lesser specs, including a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 3,140mAh battery, an 8 megapixel camera and 8GB of internal display that you can supplement with a microSD card.

According to the Russian site which first reported on the leak, the phone will be available in October for $400 unlocked, which happens to be cheaper than the Galaxy Mega.

Source – Engadget

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