5 iOS settings you can use to limit your child’s mobile usage


If you’re a parent who is nervous about how much your kids use your iDevices or whether they are racking up thousands in in-app purchases bills, you may want to have a look at setting up some restrictions.

Such controls and restrictions will allow you the peace of mind that your child isn’t spending hours online but also not emptying your wallet. Some of the controls even come with age levels, meaning your teenagers do not have to be treated like a young child.

Enable App Restrictions

The easiest and fastest way to stop your kids gaining access to certain apps is to set up a restriction code. You can do this by going to Settings > General and then Restrictions. Once you’ve set up the code, you can choose to restrict access to specific applications on the device. This can be your phone book, Safari or even Facebook.

Guided Access

Have you ever had that worry that your child has been playing a game and has been racking up thousands in in-app purchases? Maybe you’ve been worried that your kid is adding strange photos to your Facebook profile? Well worry no more!

Head on over to Settings > General > Accessibility and then turn on Guided Access. Again, you’ll have to set a passcode for this, so make sure it’s one that you know and the kids don’t!

After settings up the passcode, open the app(s) that you want to restrict and tap your home button three times. Once you’ve done that, a menu should appear which allows you to circle out areas of the app that you don’t want people to be able to use. Such as the Messages area of the Facebook app. Once you’ve circled it, people won’t be able to access your messages without knowing the code.

If you want to restore your app back to normal, simply tap the home button thrice again, enter your passcode and then click end.

Restrict Specific Functions

Another options you can use is to restrict certain functions on your iPhone. This means that you can set your device so that without a passcode, your child cannot add or delete applications or access movies, TV shows and such with a higher age rating than the one you have set.

It’s a simple and flexible way for parents to set options that are right for their own children.

Turn off that simple passcode

Surely by now you’ll have so many simple 4 number passcodes they’ll be shooting out your brain. Either way, if you suspect your child has figured out the code to unlock your device and you want to keep them out, a simple method is to create a more complicated passcode to keep them out.

To do this, go to Settings > General and then to Passcode Lock. Once there, you should see an option to turn off Simple Passcode. You’ll then be prompted to enter in your old passcode and then enter in your new, more complicated one. Just make sure you can remember this one, it is more complicated after all.


Limit Wi-Fi Use

Unfortunately this option is for Macs (iMac, MacBook Pro, etc) as opposed to iPads, iPhones and iPods but it’ll still do the trick for those who have Macs! To limit your child’s Wi-Fi use, you’ll first need the devices Wi-Fi address, which you’ll find in the About section of Settings.

From there, head on to the Mac and go to Airport Utility, select your base station and then press edit. Click on the Network tab and then Enable Access Control and then Timed Access Control. From there, upon entering the devices Wi-Fi address, you can limit the amount of time your kids spend on their devices browsing the net


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