64-bit Android phones are coming in time for Christmas says ARM executive

Chip manufacturing company executives have been completely surprised at the speed in which 64-bit processing has made its way to Android, with even ARM being caught unaware. The company originally thought that we would see 64-bit technology introduced on corporate servers, instead, Apple went ahead and released their 64-bit mobile processor which currently powers the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and the iPad Mini.

ARM’s executive vice president of corporate strategy, Tom Lantzsch, expects our stockings this year to be filled with 64-bit Android handsets. However, whilst the chips and indeed the phones themselves could be ready for 64-it by Christmas, it’s unknown if a version of Android OS to support it will also be ready. 

Lantzsch says that even existing 32 bit code will run better on ARM’s 64-bit v8-A architecture. “The architecture itself allows for more efficiency in the code. So, that means better battery life, quicker responsiveness, better features,” the executive says. ” And once 64-bit software arrives, “There will be early adopters. The applications with the most need will certainly go first. And then the rest will come over time.”

“Certainly, we’ve had big uptick in demand for mobile 64-bit products. We’ve seen this with our [Cortex] A53, a high-performance 64-bit mobile processor…we’ve been surprised at the pace that [64-bit] is now becoming mobile centric. Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Marvell are examples of public 64-bit disclosures.”-Tom Lantzsch, EVP of corporate strategy, ARM

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