8 Tricks you can use when when Googling

googletricksYou think you now all the tricks and tips there are to know, when using Google? Well, think again! Even the most experienced of Googlers are not familiar with all the tricks provided by Google that help you make your search much more specific. And to think that all it takes is a few extra words!

So, let’s check out some cool useful tricks you can use when searching anything, from recipes to mathematical formulas.

  • Define a word: Simply type in the word “definition” and then the word whose definition you want to read. Google will give the results right away. And that’s how you’ll settle any scrabble disagreements from now on!
  • Search word with the exact order you want: Type in the phrase you want like you do every time. Except this time put quotation marks. And the results that will come out will be only the ones that contain the exact phrase you put.
  • Search for relevant words (or synonyms): Let’s say that you want to search for alternative energy sources but at the same time you want to get all the similar results from “renewable energy sources”. All you have to do is put a wavy dash (~) in front of the word or phrase you are looking for and you’ll get results for all the similar words (or synonyms) as well.
  • Exempt some words: If you want to search for recipes without a particular ingredient that you are allergic to or you simply don’t like then this is your trick. Search for the wanted words and then put the minus symbol followed by the words you want to exclude. For example: “bread recipes –yeast”. And what you’ll get is all the bread recipes that contain no yeast.
  • Once you heard that if you mix water with _______ you’ll get ______ but you can’t seem to remember what you heard. Here’s the solution. Type in whatever it is that you want to search and just use asterisks for the words that you can’t remember. So the above example would look like “if you mix water with * you’ll get * “.
  • Search by file format: Search for what you’re interested in and get results only in the file format that you want. For instance, if you want to get results in PowerPoint then all you’ve got to do is type in your search and then “filetype:PPT”.
  • Let Google do your Math: Maybe math was never your strong spot. Or maybe you truly are good at it but you’re dealing with a very sophisticated problem. In any case, no worries. Type in an equation and Google will give you the answer and the method it used to solve it.
  • Convert your currency: Planning a trip to a country with different currency but you have no idea how much you’ll need to take with you? Again, Google is here for you. Type the currency you want to convert, add “to” and then type the currency you want your money to be converted to. Example: “euro to baht”.

There definitely more tricks and tips that can make your search look like a walk in the park but these are the easiest to remember.

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