A last Goodbye to John Forbes Nash

Technology has come a long way in the last a few years and even though today you may find new invention a routine, you have to keep in mind that it all had to start from somewhere. John Nash (among other important and influential people of course) contributed in the evolution of technology, computing and artificial intelligence.

John Forbes Nash, the famous mathematician and successful economist, and his beloved wife, died at May 23rd on a car crash after the taxi driver hit a guard rail. He was 86 years old and his wife, Alicia, was 82.

John Nash was honored with a Nobel prize in economics for his contribution in the theory of games while he has also given life to other theories such as the theory of governing dynamics. The event was covered by the American ABC network.

The movie “A Beautiful Mind”, starring Russell Crowe, won n Oscar and was based on John Nash’s life and his wife as well as their fight together against Nash’s illness, paranoia. Nash saw all men with rd ties as members of a communist conspiracy that worked against him.

In more detail, John Forbes Nash Jr. created the concept of equilibrium for non-zero-sum games, an equilibrium that was named after Nash. It proved to have various uses given from examples with the most popular ones being the network traffic, the prisoner’s dilemma and of course the coordination game. The concept involves two or more players where they are both aware of the equilibrium strategies of their opponent and neither one of them stands to gain something by changing only their own strategies.

Besides all the above, the concept of equilibrium has a tremendous impact especially on today’s world as it can be applied to a vast variety of different every day activities and scientific fields such as economical science, computing, artificial intelligence, politics and last but not least biology.

John was a great scientist and one of the most influential people that acted in various scientific fields. His work not only “provided insight into the factors that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life”, but it also added one more perspective to the way scientists today view and understand technology and all its aspects. In fact, if Alan Turing is considered the father of computing and today’s computers, John Nash is considered by many to be the “uncle” if such a title can be given in all seriousness.

In 2015, John Forbes Nash was honored with the Abel Prize along with Louis Nirenberg ”for their impressive and influential contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications to geometric resolution”.

A true inspiration not only for his mind and the work that he delivered in human kind, but also for the man that he was. A person with a glowing personality, as you can witness yourself by watching the movie. It might has gone under a few slight changes (after all Hollywood is Hollywood) but other than it’s a great movie that speaks for the interesting and inspiring life of a man forged by hard times. No spoilers of course. If you haven’t see the movie already then run right away (after you’re  done reading this article of course)!

So let’s honor John Forbes Nash’s memory by getting inspired by his life and his ideas. it could us no harm to try and be a little more like him. May you rest in peace John.

Russell Crowe, tweeted about John: “Stunned…my heart goes out to John, Alicia & family. An amazing partnership. Beautiful minds, beautiful hearts. https://twitter.com/breakingnews/status/602464249831653376 …”.

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