A merger between Chrome OS and Android may happen because of Google’s lack of product isolation.

The operating system known as Chrome is the Cloud operating system that Google has introduced to the market for Laptops and Android. A statement by a Wall Street Magazine informed us that one day the OS on tablets and phones may become exactly the same and this could happen as early as next year on not.

For the past years, we have been speaking to our sources and they said that they could be discussing a merger of the two projects. The gossips amplified when last year Android’s co-founder Andy Rubin left. What we know is that neither of the operating systems is being terminated.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai who in 2013 oversaw the development of Chrome operating system personally stated during Alphabet’s current earnings calls that Mobile rules the world. It is known to all that Android has some specific features that make it a superior operating system than the Chrome operating system. But what most people does not know that Chrome operating system has done a very good job relying on Google’s browser which is one of the most used browsers among internet users.

Chrome operating lakes the native app which gets the developers excited and numbs the mind of customers about possibilities. The Chrome OS is boring and it is so boring that Schools and colleges love them; because of its Google Apps the big companies are taking a look at it. When you use Chrome OS you will feel that it is a mode that turns Android into Chrome OS, for when you have a bad internet connection and you need to get some work done.

If Sundar Pichai’s cry for mobile was not good enough to show us that this may happen, the announcement of the Pixel C sure was. It is a laptop-tablet which will be fully running on Android.

There is the Fast Company article which featured Hiroshi Lockheimer where he pointed the fact that you may be able to unlock your Chrome OS laptop with your Android phone.

Basically, sharing of knowledge happens and the learnings are known. But the contain and the times are unknown. All the work that Google does is for the good of the customers, the decisions come with all the work and the learnings are there to back them up. The company is a nesting doll when it comes to products and codes and every new product is somehow relying on the previous products.






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