A meter to curb water abuse

We often read in newspaper and articles about how water resource are depleting. But how many of us are honestly doing something about it? Statistics says that an average American consumes about hundred gallons of water each day. There is a huge gap in how much we actually need and how much of water is used. But it looks like things are about to change for the better. FLUID, launched on Kickstart on the 14th of this month is a smart water meter. Just like the meter installed in your home for Electricity, it keeps a track of the amount of water consumed.

FLUID co-founder, Josh Becerra, is of the opinion that something must be done about the rising water bill problem. He says, “Right now consumers get a water bill every month and it’s in units, not gallons, so you have to flip the sheet over and do some math to find out how many gallons you’re using. FLUID is really about empowering consumers to take more control over their water usage.” All you need to do is fit the FLUID on the main water pipe in your house. Power it on and connect it to the Wi-Fi in your house. FLUID integrates with your Android or IPhones via a FLUID app and keeps you informed about the water consumption in real time.

This technology will enable consumers to not only keep a track of their water consumption but also detect possible water leakages in the pipes. Water leakages can be detected by abnormally high readings on the FLUID.  This device uses ultrasonic technology to detect the rate of water flow without having to physical touch it.

FLUID is a smart meter and it can adapt to different households and inform you about where the water is coming from exactly. But how does it achieve this? Every appliance that uses water in a house has a specific signature. This signature is actually the flow output rate of a particular appliance. The user can program the FLUID, via the app, to learn about the typical flow rates and timings of a particular appliance as it is being used. This takes time but comes very handy later to detect possible leakages.

FLUID is currently selling for a price of$179 for early bird Kickstarter backers. After Kickstart sales end in October, it is going to cost $299 on the official FLUID site. The very first devices shall be shipped in May next year.


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