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Its not often that we find an addicting game, a game worth playing on Android platform, but once we find one, we are in for hours of playtime. Being an Android fan and a gamer I tend to look for good games from the Google Play Store. Recently I saw this game Abyss 2D and I have been playing it for some time. So I thought why not review it. So here in this article we will see if the game is worthy of download and spending time on. Read on.

What is this game about:

Fist things first, the game is about a diver who dives into the ocean to collect pearls, but he has to avoid all the obstacles and the evil creatures under the ocean to stay alive. They have even given a name for the character which I personally like to see in all the freaking games. It makes me happy to see games which has a personal touch. The character name is Jimmy and upon his venture of collecting pearls he will have to escape from sharks and other sea creatures, mines and also the dangerous monster that guards the pearl. Then there are bubbles which will slow you down if you’re diving to the bottom of the ocean and will speed you up and get you enough air to stay alive while going back to the surface. Some times if the bottom of the ocean is too far away you would want to get the help from smaller bubbles to get air as well.

What’s so good about this game:

Now let’s look at the plus points of this game to see if it is worth spending time on. The game looks good overall. The game play is good, the story is good and yeah the features too are good. Another thing which is good about this game is how the developers have made the game, it is not too easy so that you won’t find it boring and it is not too difficult to play so that you won’t stop playing.

Another thing which is good about this game is how you can select the levels of difficulty. I know this feature is there in many games, but a lot of developers tend to avoid this feature and that makes me angry. I mean no one would want to play a game from the beginning after a restart.

What’s not good:

Sadly nothing is perfect in this world, this game too has its downs and areas which have to be improved. So in this section I will write about a few points which I think will make the game better.

  • First of all I will comment about the labels and other texts. This needs a major redo in my opinion. By this I mean the fonts and colors chosen for the text labels. The developer has listened to our words and everything looks pretty good now.
  • Once you start the game you will see a down yellow arrow which I think is pretty ugly. I do think my fellow Android gamers would appreciate that if the developer chooses to remove that yellow arrow which does nothing.
  • The score card which shows up after each level or when you loose a level needs to have some improvements as well.
  • Then a way to store the scores and highscores would be awesome. For now there is no scores or whatsoever. The developer replied to us saying the score system wouldn’t be possible because the level system which I think is not true. There are several other apps which do have scoring system although the games are based on levels.
  • Another feature I would like to see is the ability to turn off/on sounds and a help page which can be accessible from all places. For now there is a sound on/off option when you pause the game, but that’s about it.

That’s all I can think of as of now.

Final words:

I guess you could give it a shot and see if you like it. The gameplay is pretty interesting and I don’t think the negative points which I mentioned earlier would make a big difference while playing the game. So give it a shot and let us know what do you think about the game.

Update: The game is now available on iTunes as well. Check it out here: Abyss 2D for iOS

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