Activision wants sales records back

The publishers behinds the Call of Duty franchise, Activision, hope to reclaim the record spot for the biggest video game launch in history. The title was recently won by Rockstar’s new game, Grand Theft Auto 5 and was the only game that has stopped the Call of Duty franchise from staying top for quite some time.

The Grand Theft Auto game received $1 billion in global retail sales in just three days. In the United Kingdom it has now surpassed sales of the former Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and is expected to beat Fifa 13’s lifetime sales within a matter of days.

Activision UK senior brand manager Kevin Flynn commented:  “Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success. We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title.” Before the release of GTA, the CEO of Activision commented that there is room within the gaming scene for both games to play a big role in the market and room for both of them to succeed.


“Obviously, [GTA] is a hugely successful franchise, and I get asked about our big competitors every year,” he said. “We’re always up against iconic titles, and I know people like to tell a clash-of-the-titans story, but I feel there’s lots of evidence that there’s room for more than one successful game, and indeed more than one successful blockbuster. And if people only have money for a few games, I like our chances that Call of Duty will be one of them.”

Activision has confirmed a release of Ghosts for November 5th and the game will then be available for the PS3 and Xbox One later that month.

So what are the chances of CoD winning the title back? It is really hard to comment on because the series is dying out in many peoples eyes and is getting ‘boring’ as some people say. However, with the release of the title on PC and Xbox One and PS4 (markets which GTA is not yet out for) and the sheer change of how the game works may entice a lot more people to be interested in the sales. Needless to say, it will be an interesting last couple of months for the gaming industry.


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