Adobe Photoshop Touch For Phones Released

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phones

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phones

Adobe released the phone version of their Adobe Photoshop Touch for all the image editing maniacs who prefer a phone to a tablet to edit their images. The Adobe Photoshop Touch is already a bit famous and an extremely useful app among the tablet users. The new version for the phone which runs android and iOS virtually inherits all the features and functionalities from the tablet version.

Using the Photoshop touch, users can edit the images using layers, use the scribble selection feature, use filters to modify the images etc. The number of layers a user can use is dependant on the resolution of the image on which user works. For example, the users can only make use of 3 layers if the editing image or canvas is at the maximum resolution.

The adobe officials have put on a lot of effort to translate the app to work in a smaller screen devices, the smart-phones.

“One advantage of having them as separate apps is we do have the flexibility for the two products to diverge slightly, and diverge in a way that’s appropriate for the context and the device. You’ll notice a few things that are different already about the phone version, just to fit a smaller screen, but I could see it continuing to evolve slightly differently on the phone compared to the tablet.”

Photoshop Product Manager Stephen Nelson said to TechCrunch.

You can buy the adobe Photoshop touch for smart-phones from the app store as well as the google play store.  The application will cost you $4.99. You will have to own an android device which runs android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later or iPhone 4s or iPod touch 5th generation to run the application. If you’re a photographer or interested in photography who would want to have the right editing tools in your pocket this will be a nice addition on your phones.

Bring the fun and creative possibilities of Adobe® Photoshop® software to your phone with Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone.
Brand: Adobe Photoshop
Manufacturer: Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Model: Photoshop Touch for Phones

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