Adobe Reader 11 Brings PDF Conversion

Adobe Reader 11 for iOS

If you’re a productive person and would like to show off your productivity on your mobile devices, then this will be a happy news for you. Adobe is bringing PDF conversion feature to its iOS application, Adobe Reader 11. The addition is called CreatePDF and using it you will be able to create PDF files from images, Microsoft word files and a lot of other formats from within the app. Another feature using which you will be able to create docs or RTF files from PDF files is called ExportPDF.

But both these comes at a price. The ExportPDF comes with little lesser price tag of $19.99 when compared to the pricey CreatePDF which comes with a price tag of $89.99. Both come as in-app purchases and will have to be paid on yearly basis. Do you think you will be able to pay for these services or do you have a free option for doing these kind conversions? Let us know them by commenting below!


Source: Engadget

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