Affordable VR gear from Oculus

Virtual Reality gear won’t be a far-fetched dream for the average consumer anymore. If reports are to believed, then Oculus plans on launching their new Oculus Rift that will take the technological market by storm. What’s new about this VR gear? It’s affordable. Thus, more and more people will start buying these gears and more platforms like gaming, art and videos etc. will start the use of VR. Oculus Rift is set to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2016. According to CEO Brendan Iribe, “this is the dawn of VR and this is a once in a generational moment that we can create something that inspires millions of people.”

The Oculus Connect 2 conference was held on 24th September and over 1500 developers got a chance to catch a glimpse of this technological marvel. Iribe even got Mark Zuckerberg to the stage. The latter had a few lines to share.  “[Virtual reality is] like teleporting to some other place by putting on a headset. I was so excited with it because I realized I was seeing the next big technology platform. After video, the next logical step is fully immersive virtual reality. VR is the next platform. In just a few years, VR has gone from being a science fiction dream to reality. All of you are inventing the next major platform”, said Zuckerberg.

The handheld motion sensors from Oculus will be shipped sometime in the second quarter of 2016. Developers would have the good fortune of getting their hands on them early with a second Rift sensor. Oculus plans on mixing touch technology with Virtual reality. Toybox from Oculus is a great example of such work. Iribe says, “[Toybox] demonstrates the power of social VR and is just stretching the surface. It has the potential to be more social than any platform we’ve seen yet.”

This is truly the dawn of a new technological era as companies are exploring new technologies and expanding their market including the average customer keeping the price tag in mind. Something like Virtual reality gear was never accessible to the common public till now. Oculus is set to change that and for good. I, for one, cannot wait to simply get my hands on this gear. I hope any fellow tech enthusiast would understand my feelings and share my emotions. Let us hope this turns out to be a success. Stay tuned for more information on the Oculus Rift VR gear…