Amazon files a lawsuit for falsifying their product reviews

In April of 2015, Amazon has filed a suit against the website operators which offered sellers of Amazon the ability to buy false four and five-star reviews of their products. Maximum numbers of these websites have now been closed as Amazon took action against the sellers involved in this matter. Now Amazon is continuing its investigation on these false reviews by going after the individuals who provided the sellers with these false reviews and Amazon is mainly focusing on

In this case the defendants, whose names have not been released, used to sell false high-quality reviews. In some cases, they offered verified reviews meaning that they were compensated from where they bought the product, most of the times and the other times they request a customer just to provide a review and they will just put it up on the website.

For those who do not know, is an online market where users can offer small works and services for which they are paid, the lowest amount is $5. Maximum number of small jobs also called gigs are focused on things like writing, translation, designing, editing or programming. Most of the times the site also became a resource for those who are looking for false reviews, ratings etc.

This type of jobs are in the violation of Fiverr’s service terms, however, it says that the job cannot violate a third party’s terms of service. Fiverr is not particularly what Amazon is going after, but they are going after these types of websites all over the internet to create a safe environment for such activities.

Fiverr has started its own takedown process, but it is not solving the root cause, as they do not understand the problem. The lawsuit’s goal is not to take down the websites but to make them strict about their rules and regulation about this kind of gigs so that in future this type of data falsification does not happen. The hope is that they will look for different kinds of jobs in the future.

Only a few members who used Fiverr to provide this type of jobs are used as an example in the lawsuit directly to provide a clearer perspective about their objective. But the lawsuit has an attachment which contains a list of 1,114 Fiverr users. In the list, the users are referred with their username which implies that Amazon does not have complete personal information and the lawsuit is the first step to gain that information.

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