Amazon takes next step towards drone shipping

The online shopping giant Amazon recently announced that they were planning on using unmanned drones for delivering parcels to customers. By doing this they claimed to be able to deliver orders within 30 minutes, giving them a clear competitive advantage compared to other online merchants.

Now Amazon has taken the next step towards realizing this vision and has petitioned the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for exemption from the rules hindering them from testing delivery drones in the US. At the moment the US legal framework does not allow a service like this so with an exemption from the rules Amazon hopes to be able to conduct enough testing for a service like this to be introduced once the framework is in place.Amazon_Drone

Similar tests with drones have already been done by the FAA at several places in the US and the department is now being criticized for dragging their feet when it comes to commercial use of drones. Let’s hope the FAA can come up with a safe way of allowing companies to use drones in their delivery services as it would be of huge benefit for all customers.  After all, keeping commercial flights safe from accidents must be the highest priority.

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