An iOS App From Dekko Can Bring Real World Objects To MineCraft Game

iOS App That Converts Realworld Object Into Minecraft Objects (5)
iOS App That Converts Realworld Objects Into Minecraft Objects

A company called Dekko has developed an iOS application which can bring real world objects into your minecraft game just by scanning them. This same company has created another game for iOS known as TableTop Speed, which will let you play the game by driving virtual 3d cars on real world table tops.

we built a 3D reconstruction system for an augmented reality car game earlier this year. We thought it’d be cool to use that to export to other things like Minecraft. – a dekko member posted on reddit.

The app has been submitted for reviewing by Apple as of now. Once it gets approved(hopefully) we will able to try out this app. The app itself is very simple. You just have to open up the app and select the object to be scanned. The app will overlay the selected object with a 3D grid. You will be able switch between wireframe view and camera view. Once you feel its ok, you just have to press the generate button and the app will create a zip file for you, which can be used to recreate the object in minecraft.

The resolution of the image is limited to 128x128px and it works best when the objects are scanned at a close range. We’re just waiting to check the app out once its released in the app store. I guess its pretty obvious that many places will turn to NSFW, and considering that people might create some really weird stuffs using the real world objects such a penis *cough* I guess this will happen soon. So what do you think about this app? Are you a minecraft fan? if so will you be trying this app out? Let us know your thought by commenting below.

Here are the series of images posted by minecraft to show how the app actually works.

Source: ArsTechnica

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