Android Auto – Android coming to your car!

Android auto is the latest upcoming spectacular feature to be introduced. It is a set of telematic standards that has been developed by Google specifically for the mobile devices that operate on Android in cars, on their dashboard. The feature is expected to star in Android L (to be introduced in late 2014) and further versions. With the support of 28 automobile companies, and mobile technology supplier Nvidia, Android Auto is a mutual effort of these companies under the Open Automotive Alliance.

The basic aim of introducing Android Auto is extend the functionality of Android to a larger extent, and extending the support to automobiles. It will boost the driving experience of the driver with minimum distractions, so that the driver can have his maximum focus in driving. To make this system work in a car one must possess an Android device version versions Android L and above, and the car itself must have Android Auto support. The device needs to be connected to the head unit of the dashboard with a USB cable, and head unit instead of running independently, runs as an external display for the android device.


Some of the key features Google aims to strike:

  • Maps – Google maps brings you the smoothest road experience by providing voice guided navigation, present traffic information and more.
  • Music – Android Auto allows the user to play their favourite music on the go from apps like Google Play and Pandora.
  • Voice – The system provides the best in class speech system built in for controlling everything by voices. This is easier and faster access to the device with least distractions. Some plus points of it include searching content on web using voice search, calling somebody just by saying their name and so on.
  • Apps – Android Auto gives an option to the user to access all the most popular and favourite apps like iHeartRadio, Songza and Joyride.

Other interesting features one may be interested in are Steering wheel controls, Directional speakers, Compass and Wheel speed. Android Auto’s software development kit (SDK) will be available to developers soon, allowing third parties to modify their apps based on Android Auto. The APIs will initially be available for music and messaging only.

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