Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is Official

Andriod Jelly Bean 4.2The name Jelly Bean stays for the next major update of Android Operating System. Android Jelly Bean 4.2 update is coming up with a lot of new Major and minor features. One of the most awaited feature called “Multiple User Accounts” is being one of those awesome new features!

1. Photo Sphere camera

This new feature allows you take pictures in almost every direction and then form a sphere of pictures. You can see some of the cool sphere photos here from google Maps Street View:

2. Gesture Typing

There were lots of fans for the swype keyboard when it launched first and still has. Now with this update Google is giving you the almost same gesture typing keyboard. You can just swype your finger across the alphabets to form a word and then just lift the finger, the spaces will be automatically inserted. This typing takes the typing to a whole new level. With Google’s already good word prediction and the newly introduced sentence prediction the whole experience will be pretty awesome I believe.

Another feature Google is adding to enhance the typing experience is the “offline voice to text” mode.

3. Support for Wireless Display

Now with this update Google has made is official. This feature was already there with some custom android versions. But now Google has made it available on the android platform itself. What it does is, you just have to connect the wireless display adapter to your HDMI enabled TV. All the videos/music/pictures etc will be accessible from your TV using the DLNA technology.

4. Multiple User Accounts

Google is bringing the Multiple User Accounts feature to the Android Tablets with this android update. Now all the users of the tablets can have their own personal space and settings the way they like it. Their own widgets, high scores in games, files, apps and a lot more. Google promises that the “switching between users” will be as fast as a snap because of the already inbuilt multitasking support in android’s core. The users won’t even have to log out for switching to another user, which is pretty cool feature in my opinion.

Now these were the list most important features. I am listing some of the minor features which got introduced to android with this update here:

5. Notification changes to a similar style of TouchWiz or HTC Sense.

6. Updated Google Now service.

7. Widgets on the lock screen

8. DayDream- Which will display Current News/Photos etc just like a screensaver would do but with lots of options.

There are still more new features to be covered, but almost all of them are minor features which most people don’t even care about. So I am not going to list them down here.

Google is planning to start rolling out this update from November 13th – the day Google’s new Nexus family of devices goes on sale.

So are you satisfied with this new update or are still in need of more features? Let us hear using the comment system below or via our facebook page!

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