Android Jelly Bean tops with 59.1 percent while KitKat claims just 1.4 percent

Android Version January 2014In the Android Device Share data published by Google, Jelly Bean is in top with 59.1 percent device share. It is now clear that many users are now using newer versions of android although not the latest version although KitKat has only 1.4% active device share. Jelly Bean showed a rise of 4.4% increase when compared with the data from December 2013.

KitKat is limited to most of the Google Nexus devices and Motorola devices mostly. This may change in the coming months considering a lot of manufacturers are planning to launch the upgrade very soon. A number of phones are also ready to be launched with the latest version of Android too. Anyway Google Android team can take comfort since almost 70% of the customer base is using the latest versions of android.

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