Android Puzzle Game Kiip’s 7X7 Review

7×7 is an android puzzle game in which you just have to make horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of the same color by dragging pieces across the board. By doing so you will get points, power up, level ups etc. Being an active player of this game, I thought it would be awesome to share my experience with you guys. So here is the 7X7 Review.

The Interface:

The first thing that matters is the User interface for any game. The developers have made an awesome job by working on the UI. The UI is very simple yet elegant. The elegant look of the game is so great that it plays a major role in making this game addictive. The UI is basically a 7×7 grid which is randomly filled with different colored blocks. The blocks also are very simply and has an intuitive look.

Game Play:

The game has a pretty simple concept. You just have to arrange the blocks with same color to form a line with at least 4 blocks. Now forming a line vertically, horizontally or diagonally will delete that line for the view. With each moves new blocks will be added to the screen, so you must form a line with the minimum number of moves. You cannot move a block to areas which are blocked in by other tiles. The game will end one you don’t have any empty space left in the screen.

Misc Features:

  • There is an undo feature by which you will be able to undo any moves to get yourself out from any sticky situations which is caused by a wrong move.
  • The game is Kiip enabled. You will be able to gain real rewards as you progress in the game with high scores and in-game achievements.

The game is simple, addictive and excellent entertainer. By playing 7×7 you will lose track of time which is a beauty and cannot be found in many games nowadays.

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