Another iPhone Explosion In China – Woman’s Eye Injured

iPhone Explosion

After following the death of a flight attendant when she was using the iPhone while it was being charged with a fake charger, Apple was trying desperately to inform the customer about the importance of using original accessories only. Just when we thought using fake chargers is the culprit, another iPhone exploded, this time no fake charger was involved in the accident.

The victim was a woman and reportedly was on a call with someone which lasted for around 40 mins. But when she felt the phone’s screen was getting warmer, she tried to end the call, but without success since the touch screen was not responding at that moment. It was then the phone exploded injuring her eye. The reports say she was not able to open her eye after the explosion and felt some particle going into her eye. The doctor who examined her said the explosion left scratches in her eye.

The phone was purchased long back in September 2012 and had a small dent  on the top right corner where it exploded. She said she is not expecting any compensation from Apple but asking why this never happened to her friends’ phone with the same problem and are a lot cheaper.

Apple after-sales service department said they will investigate the iPhone explosion issue and probably will not be covered under the warranty. Will this cause another downfall for apple in Chinese smartphone market? Apple is already at 6th position with just 5% of the entire market share according to a report from Canalys.


Source: ZDNet

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