Another Set Of Samsung Galaxy S IV Videos Leak – Gives Floating Touch, Smart Pause and New Lock Screen Details

The leaks come flowing in as we near the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch time. Recently a series of videos has surfaced on Internet which shows the Galaxy S IV features floating touch, smart pause and the new lock screen. Until now all the major leaks covered only the hardware details and the look and feel of the device, but now this time, the leaks gives away information and details about the software features which are going to play big role in the success of Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Floating Touch:

You might have already seen the floating touch feature which is available in Galaxy Note II with the help of the smart stylus. The difference here is, you won’t need a stylus for the floating touch. The floating touch seems to enlarge the focused pictures in the video. The use of this feature is yet to be determined, so once after the launch we will get more information of the implementation of floating touch and its further uses.

Here is the video which displays the floating touch feature:

Smart Pause:

Smart Pause is a simple feature by which the phone will automatically pause the video once you’re not looking at the video any more. That way once you look away from the video or the phone screen, the phone won’t waste the battery and you will not have to scroll back for watching the missed part. The phone’s front camera will be tacking the users’ eyes and some spots from the face to determine whether the user is actually watching the screen. The leaked video shows how this works when used with Samsung’s Gallery app.

See the video which shows the SmartPause feature here:

New Unlock Screen:

The last video leaked shows the new unlock screen which Samsung Galaxy S IV will be using. The video isn’t showing much about the lock screen though. The unlocking of the screen is pretty simply and straight forward like the previous version. You just have to swipe up using your finger and the screen will be unlocked.

Here is the Video Which Shows the New Galaxy S IV Lock Screen:

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