App Store took a big hit on the morning of May 5th

Previous week’s App Store issues really caused a lot of headaches for the users. They failed to find apps by applying keyword searches on the morning of 5th May, after trying for a few hours. This so called glitch disrupted daily usage of top apps such as Uber, Google, YouTube, Spotify along with many others, and also caused problems for apps from small developers. From the information we have gathered from the inspection from Tune; because of the App Store Glitch all the major apps lost more than 10% of the downloads and some have even faced worse.

Also, Tune reports that around 15% of the applicants lost more than 50% of their downloads because of the glitch. Over the years the App Store has grown and now they have more than 1.5 million apps; so the option to find apps by searching the browsing charts is not open to exploring.

Even the Twitter and Reddit users began facing the problems and Apple’s dedicated status page stated that the problem was terminated within 8 o’clock in the morning of the same day. Tune again stated that at around midnight the glitch started affecting the organic files which went on till 6 o’clock in the morning.

The problem was very unusual and it was not very easy to get over it. It was not like a button was pushed and suddenly everything became fully functional as soon as the condition of the Apple Store became green. The company says that they continued recovering organic files up until 7 o’clock in the morning. To track down the impacts on the global system Tune started looking at the number of organic files installs on the day of the disaster, only in U.S and after that, they compared it to the results of the previous three days.

The most interesting fact about the App Store Glitch is that it affected some of the world’s best apps, it means that most of the affected apps acquire a huge number of organic installs every day.

Anyway, not all the apps faced the same amount of problems, some of them had only a minimum drop in downloads but some had massive drops in downloads.
Apple has not made any official comments on the problem but as far as the rumor goes we heard that Apple has already turned off-weighting for keywords in the title. Tune’s report overlooked how this glitch profited some of the companies at the time of the problem.

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