Apple App Store now plays host to over 900,000 apps

App Store

Credit: CNET

Apple head honcho Tim Cook revealed the latest stats for the Apple App store at its Word Wide Developers Conference today.

Among the 900,000 apps, around 90 percent of them are downloaded each month, with 375,000 of the 900,000 apps being geared towards the iPad. In total, over 50 billion apps have been downloaded since the App store opened for business way back in 2008.  This July will mark the fifth birthday of the App Store, so get your party hats out.

The App Store also holds around 575 million accounts. Cook took this moment to say that Apple has “more accounts with credit cards than anyone else on the Internet, that we’re aware of.”

As well as that, he also took the time to have a sly dig at Android and other rival platforms. Saying that the $10 billion paid out to App developers, of which $5 billion came was paid out this year, was 3 times bigger than rival platforms.


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