Apple hides apology to Samsung U.K. apology with Javascript code – TNC

Users of the news-sharing site Reddit have accused Apple of deliberately hiding a court-ordered apology to Samsung on their UK website.

First noticed and noted by users of Reddit, Apple has installed a piece of JavaScript code that will dynamically resize the central image on the Apple UK website which ensures it will take up the maximum amount of space possible.

No matter how tall you browser window or how dense your resolution, if you visit the Apple UK website you will have to scroll down to view the apology to Samsung which Apple were recently ordered to re-write and display on their homepage by a UK court.

Due to the code, the central image, which as of current time is the new iPad Mini, takes up enough space to just about push the statement out of site of the user. This means that you are required to scroll down to find the apology.

A Hacker News reader (Link to insert – found that the resize code was added two days before the iPad Mini was announced but three days after the UK Court of Appeal upheld the original verdict which forced Apple to place an apology on its website and in national newspapers.

On October 18th, A UK High Court Judge ordered Apple to post a statement on its UK Web site for a month and to publish it once in a number of UK newspapers. The statement was to state that Samsung did not infringe its patents and thus did not break and UK laws.

After posting the original statement, Samsung complained that the statement Apple posted was inaccurate. The judges called the statement ‘untrue’ and ‘incorrect’ and thus Apple was forced to remove the statement. The Apple UK site now admits that its previous statement was not compliant with the court’s orders but equally, with the new statement, visitors to the site are not made immediately aware of it.

What do you think about Apple’s actions? Hiding the apology with Javascript code was really needed? Let us hear your comments in the comments section.

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