Apple India to give you Apple iPhones for trying out

Apple Store India

If you have been thinking about whether or not buying a iPhone for yourself, this is your time. Apple India is giving out iPhones for users to try it out before buying. You can keep the iPhone for two weeks and at the end of it, if you didn’t like the experience you can return it. But be very sure about what you’re doing as you will have to pay the whole amount upfront and obviously Apple will not refund you if the device has been tampered, damaged or if it has any scratches on it. Also while returning Apple will charge you 1000 INR as a re-stocking fee for the device, so in fact the refund will be 1000 INR less than what you had paid upfront of you choose to return. Although this seems like a good idea, we can’t be sure about how successful it will be once the deal is launched.

The deal will only be live at the premium resellers of Apple devices in India which includes Maple and Reliance Digital among many others.

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