Apple invests in solar energy

20150211apple_solarWe live in a world where we constantly try to explore and find new ways to do new things. Combine that with the environmental and ecological consciousness that people have started to develop in the last few years and what you get, is almost anyone turning to renewable energy sources. Until now the cost it takes to get involved in that kind of business is a little bit high. However it undoubtedly pays off well and pretty soon actually.

So Apple decided to participate in the whole renewable energy sources business and for the first time the company now deals with solar energy.

Truly, Apple invested funds that came up to 848 million dollars for the creation of a solar farm in California that will electricity to 60,000 residences.

That investment happened with the collaboration of First Solar since the second one owns the plot in Monterey Country (the area where the solar farm will be built.) Apple calculates, according to Tim Cook, that they will be able to produce a total power of 280 Megawatts from the photovoltaics park, while 130 Megawatts of that energy is the total amount of power, expected to be used at the new Apple’s campus for the futuristic designing. The remaining 150 Megawatts will be allocated to the provider’s energy network “Pacific Gas & Energy”.

The photovoltaics park of Apple and First Solar covers a range of 1,300 ha while the two companies agreed on the energy supply by the park to last for 25 years.

Apple generally seems to be emphasising to renewable energy sources for data centers and the retail market of its products. In fact, this is not the first park that the company makes. There is also one in north Carolina and one in Nevada. Apple’s aim is probably to make its buildings function normally based only on renewable energy sources with more forms of energy than just solar energy taking place in that effort.

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