Apple iOS 7.1 to release in March, here are some of the new features

Apple iOs 7.1Latest rumors suggest a possible release of iOS 7.1 in March. The new updated version iOS is coming with a number of handy features like the new animation for slide to unlock and slide to power off buttons, disabling Parallax feature by using the new feature called Perspective zoom and the new bounce effect when scrolling through your messages.

Another feature is the new list of events in the iOS 7.1 calendar. This will help people to have a quick check on the events by tapping on an icon which on the left of the magnifying glass. Button shapes is a new feature which shows where on the screen you would need to tap or click for certain features to work. In the new iOS 7.1 you will be able to add a dialed contact number to the contacts by simply tapping on the circled plus sign which will be there to the left side of the dialed number. Currently it is shown as “Add to contacts” under the number. Needless to say the new button looks way better than the current one. Aside from all these if you’re in UK you will see a new Siri voice on the iPad.

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