Apple iOS7 Reported To Be Inducing Motion Sickness

According to various reports iOS is inducing motion sickness in a lot of people. The parallax and zoom features are said to be the culprits here. The motion sickness in experienced by the people who are trying out the above said features of iOS7. The issue is really bad and some people even downgraded to iOS6 after they started to feel sick.

The new parallax feature in iOS7 makes the screen appear as if it is head on even if the screen is tilted away from your face. The zoom effect is shown when you access applications in iOS7. Now if you’re feeling sick you can disable the parallax feature by going to Accessibility menu and choosing Reduce Motion. But the zoom effect cannot be disabled. We have contacted Apple for statement and will update once Apple reply us back.

For some users this has been a very serious issue that they had to go home with severe vertigo after work. Let us know if you have experienced anything like this by commenting below.


Source: The Verge

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