Apple iPad Mini to launch on 23rd October

Fresh from the summer of leaks on the iPhone 5, more and more leaks are filtering out concerning the iPad Mini, Apples rumored new tablet which is its answer to Microsoft’s Surface tablet and LG’s Nexus smart phone.

The latest rumor cites people who are ‘familiar with Apples plans’ and sheds some light on when Apple may indeed launch their latest offering. 23rd October is the rumored date but the real kicker is that this date is just a few days before Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is scheduled to go on sale.

As with all rumors though, they should be taken with a pinch of salt as a previous rumor stated that invites to Apples launch party would be sent on the 10th October, a few days ago but alas, that day has come and gone with no invites gracing the internet with its presence. However, you have to admit that the timing of the launch would make sense so as they can undercut and overshadow the launch of Microsoft’s offering to the tablet world but also, their new Windows 8 system as well.

The iPad mini itself is said to be sporting a 7.85 inch display and Apples much hated new Lightning port connector. Although, the proof of how good the iPad mini will be is if it can compete price wise with the Nexus 7.

It looks like October is shaping up to be a very busy month for those who love to get their hands on the latest and greatest technology offerings. Here at TNC we will be geared up with energy drinks, microwave snacks and itchy typing fingers ready to bring you all the news from the various launches and leaks.

Here are some leaked pictures of iPad Mini

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