Apple iTunes To Be Available In The Windows Store Soon

During day two of Microsoft’s annual Build Developer Conference, they unveiled a lot that was good news to the user who looks to have much of his technical (and non-technical) activities done from the same OS. Whether you are using iOS, Android or Windows, Microsoft looks to being a vital asset in your tech toolbox.

By end of this year, Apple’s iTunes will have made way into the Windows Store. This was one of the major highlights of the event. If you are wondering why this is a huge deal, here’s the reason.

You are probably aware of the newly out Windows 10 S operating system which debuted not too long ago through Microsoft’s newly out Surface Laptop. The OS is a variant of its parent OS, Windows 10 and what makes it different is the fact that it promises additional system security, better web surfing, and relatively quick boot times.

On a slightly sad note, Windows 10 S only runs apps from the Windows Store. So if the app you intend to use is not in the Windows App Store, you will only be left with two options: either upgrade to Windows 10 Pro or forget about using the app. Apple’s iTunes app exists as an independent windows app but for users of Windows 10, specifically, those who own the Surface Laptop, you can’t use the independent app as you are only limited to the Windows Store Apps.

Apple’s iTunes is currently among the most searched for apps not available in the Windows Store and it can be understood why Microsoft went after it. During the last event in which the surface laptop was unveiled, Microsoft did announce that they will also be adding Spotify to the Windows Store. However, it’s not guaranteed that this will apply to a range of other important apps currently missing in the Windows Store. Take the case of Google’s Chrome Browser or Adobe’s line-up of creative apps.

Chrome is likely never going to appear in the Window’s store because this will require Google to restructure their browser to comply with Microsoft’s rigid app requirements. Whereas some believe that Google could come up with a special chrome version for the Windows Store just like they did with iOS, a good number also believe this will possibly never happen.

Even though details regarding this whole arrangement between Apple and Microsoft remain unclear, what you can be sure of is that the app will be available in the Windows Store before year end.  Many speculate that Apple will milk the opportunity dry by restricting their app to offer better support to Windows users and perhaps catch up with their newly out flashy designs.