Apple making a push into Indian retail stores


India has long been a neglected market for Apple but it seems that notion is no more. Apple is said to be upping their efforts to get iPhones and iPads into the hands of Indian consumers.

Two top Apple execs in India met with CEOs and top executives of major Indian retailers on Monday to discuss a new strategy and marketing vision according to the Economic Times.

The idea is to set up “stores within stores” in the “top 50 tier II and III markets,”, expanding the company’s presence outside the larger metropolitan areas and into the smaller markets. According to the report, the executives said that Apple wants to build 100 “standalone” stores under the franchise model in this market.

Just to be clear, Apple does not currently have official retail stores in India at the moment. The word “standalone” in this instance is presumably referring to cornered-off stores with stores.

The word “standalone” is a bit confusing in this context, though that presumably refers to these cornered-off stores within stores. To be clear, Apple doesn’t have official physical retail stores in India at the moment.

The two Apple execs at the meeting were said to be Maneesh Dhir, Apple’s India country head and telecom business chief Sanjay Kaul.

The report goes on the note the challenges Apple faces in tackling the Indian market. For example, handset prices are not subsidized by contracts, so the less expensive phones perform better in sales.

Source – CNET

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