Apple might release a cheaper version of iPhone 5C on March 18th

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB

According to a leaked report from the German carrier O2, Apple is considering launching a cheaper version of iPhone 5C on March 18th. The cheaper version will have 8GB of internal memory and most of the other features will remain the same. The 8GB variant could be launched as exclusive devices for some carriers so don’t expect them to be available at your place.

The reason for this could be the fact that iPhone 5C didn’t perform well enough like Apple had thought it would. There has been plenty of reports which suggested that Apple has up to two million pieces still which are collecting dust in the inventory system. I  personally think this could be the reason for Apple’s decision to create a 8 GB cheaper variant for the device. Anyway considering March 18th is tomorrow we will come up with more news on this soon.

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