Apple Music reaches 11 million subscribers

Apple Music, a service that Apple launched less than 5 weeks ago, has already gathered 11 subscribers.

The music streaming service offers 3 months as a free trial to all of its users, something that should be taken under consideration, for anyone who wants to study Apple’s secret ingredients to success concerning the Apple Music.

The company from its side mentioned that 2 of the 11 million subscribers have also been registered to the Family Plan, which allows to up to 6 different users to share a mutual subscription to the Apple Music.

The monthly fee after the first 3 months is 9.99 dollars in the United States, while the Family Plan costs 14.99 dollars. In most European markets, the subscription fees will be 9.99 euros (which raises the attention of many well informed consumers due to the currency rate), while in other underdeveloped countries such as Bulgaria or Romania, it will cost 4.99 euros.

Apple Music’s main rival is no other than the Spotify Premium, which this June announced that it has reached 20 million subscribers. In fact, Spotify has reached the number of 70 million subscribers in total, but 20 millions of them actually choose to pay fees (the fees depend on the kind of subscription).  At the same time, Pandora counts as much as nearly 80 million subscribers in total, according to “The Next Web”.

The war seems to be going on between Spotify and Apple Music, though it’s taking place on a low profile so far. However, let’s not forget Spotify’s respond to the launch of the Apple Music service a couple of months ago, were the first one made an announcement at the right time – just when Apple announced its new service – and said: “What a difference a year makes! At the end of May 2014, we reached 10 million paying subscribers and 40 million active users. Today, we have reached more than 20 million subscribers and more than 75 million active users. 10 million subscribers in our first five and a half years – and another 10 million subscribers in just a single year! That’s an average of one new subscriber every three seconds over the last year.”

Apple doesn’t seem to respond to any of its rivals’ moves, at least not on an open field. And so far, the company seems to be doing just fine as 11 million subscribers in less than 5 weeks is a pretty good start. Perhaps the American colossal company is letting the numbers talk on its behalf!