Apple quietly releases iOS update


Not checked for updates lately? Well you better, with Apple issuing an important patch just for you. Apple recently pushed out iOS  7.0.6/6.1.6 in a rather quiet fashion in order to address a security issue within it’s mobile OS. According to the security notes, previous iOS versions were “missing key SSL validation steps that kept Secure Transport from validating authentic connections, making it possible for “attackers with a privileged network position” to “capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.”

In laymans terms, this means that iOS devices were failing to protect themselves from those shady online people, you know the kind, the ones that want your personal details.

UPDATE – Researchers have said that they have found evidence of the issue also being present in OS X. Crowdstrike analysed the iOS update and they said that they have found evidence of both platforms being susceptible to this flaw. The firm say they expect Apple to push a fix for OS X soon.



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