Apple reduces the price of iPhone 4S to 24,000 INR

Apple price cut

Reducing the price of iPhone 4 was a clever idea indeed, and it seems like Apple is trying to be more aggressive on their pricing strategy. The move comes after Sony surpassed Apple in terms of the most valuable brand in India. We’re currently seeing price cuts on almost all the smartphones from Apple on sale currently. Some time back Apple had reintroduced their one time flagship iPhone 4 for reduced price of 22,900 INR which is currently out of stock. Apple was selling iPhone 4S 8GB for 31,500 INR before the price cut which now comes with a price tag of 24,000INR. Officially Apple says this price cut is only available for buy back schemes, but according to BGR, the phone is available with the reduced prices in several outlets along with a number of online retailers who doesn’t offer buy back schemes.

In another news iPhone 4 is currently out of stock and will not be reintroduced again. This could be the end of life of iPhone 4, various sources report. Apple’s iPhone 5C is currently available for 38,000 INR with most retailers and the current flagship iPhone 5S 16GB version for the price of 47,500 INR. the price tag of iPhone 5s at the time of launch was 53,500 INR and we are seeing a price cut of 6,000 INR. Are we seeing a trend here, will Apple reduce their prices again in India? We will have to wait and see, in the mean time make sure you comment below with your thoughts.

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