Apple said to be doubling advertising and marketing team


A new report is saying that Apple are preparing to double the size of their advertising and marketing team and the company continues to move more of it’s marketing work in-house.

Source familiar with the plans say that Apple will expand their in-house design and marketing group from it’s current level of 300 to between 5-600 staff members, reports AdAge. Until recently, Apple had been content keeping it’s marketing team around 300 because co-founder Steve Jobs wanted the firm to be known¬†“as a products company, not a marketing company.”

It would appear now though, that Apple is reportedly more interested in keeping intellectual property within its own operations to keep more ownership of its creative work. Apple has been busy bringing in personnel to work on its own brand, including senior creatives, high level creative directors and heads of innovation.

Apple have also been hiring ad executives with experience in guiding brands and agencies. Such hirings are meant, in part, to help create better advertisements for Apple’s iAd network.

Advertising has generally been on of Apple’s more celebrated aspect but their advertising campaigns has had their fair share of ups and downs as of late. A Genius campaigned that was rolled out earlier this year failed to set the world alight and Apple pulled the campaign shortly after. Later campaigns, such as the “Photos Every Day” and “Designed by Apple in California” received mixed reviews.

Source – Apple Insider


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