Apple testing ‘Related’ App Store search results


The new feature, which was first spotted by developer Olga Osadcha, appears whilst conducting a search in the App Store app. Currently, the “Related” suggestions appear to be limited to iPhones running iOS 7.1 or higher and it is not showing up on the iPad or the desktop versions of iTunes.

As shown in the pictures above, when a user inputs a keyword like “password manager”, the App Store will recommend a number of related search terms directly below the search box. Clicking on one of the suggested apps open a new pane populated with apps related to your search term.

Previously, the App Store was restricted to a Related subsection within an app’s preview card. The section is usually filled with other apps from the same developer, popular titles within a given category and a “customers also purchased” list.

It seems that access to the “Related” menu bar is sporadic currently, suggesting Apple is testing the functionality ahead of a more formal rollout for the feature.

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