Apple to lunch a new search engine?

google-vs-appleIt is already widely known for years now that Apple and Google are competing at almost every subject around technology, from smartphones to mapping and operating systems. However Apple has never attempted to enter the world of search engines.  Still, in the last few months, rumours want Apple to be making such an attempt. Perhaps we could even say that it was about time. And even though most of us did not see that coming, we can’t say we are that surprised. Companies in the size of Apple have the resources to enter that area anytime they feel like doing so.

It all started when Apple published an advertisement looking for an engineer to work on the Apple Search project which is a search platform for hundreds of millions of users. It is also considered by some people relevant to the subject, to potentially change the way people use their computers and devices (only the ones that come from Apple obviously).

At the same time Apple confirms that it has developed its own searching software that has been added to the support section on the company’s website. All that happened by incorporating a web crawler named Applebot.

Web crawler is a software used for searching websites which are publically available and used as archiving tables. Thus a web crawler is an essential part when building a search engine. You can read more about web crawlers, here.

Now the fact that Apple has developed a web crawler for its existing services does not necessarily mean that the company is planning on releasing a search engine on the Internet. It just leaves space for that kind of speculations.

Those speculations get more intense when we combine all the above with the fact that the agreement between Apple and Google (according to which, Google is the default search engine on Safari, Apple’s web browser) is about to expire.

The question remains whether a brand new search engine by Apple will make its appearance with the next edition of iOS and OSX. But the answer is probably no. Even so, only time will show if the two companies are about to compete to one more area – something that they both already seem to enjoy!

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