Apple’s instructions to deal with the text bug

Apple published on Friday a temporary solution to deal with the bug that causes your device that runs with iOS (whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod) to crush once it receives a certain text that contains non-Latin letter.

The news was first published to The Guardian newspaper according to which the company mentions the instructions given below. The instructions are split to three simple steps that anyone can follow in order to avoid the problem the malicious text may cause.

Step One: Ask from Siri (the virtual assistant on iOS operating systems) to read all unread messages.

Step Two: Use Siri in order to respond to the malicious text message that contains non-Latin characters. After you send the respond message you’ll be able to open you inbox messages again.

Step Three: In your inbox touch and hold the text that causes your device to crush. In the option that will come up, choose more and then delete the said message.

This error seems to occur from a malfunction in the way that the iOS processes the non-Latin text that usually appears in Arabic, Indian and Chinese. While opening the malicious text message, the system is forced to reboot.

This message has been used mostly for pranks up until now but the experts keep warning us that things might get out of control pretty soon (meaning that it won’t take long until hackers take advantage of that bug) which is why Apple needs to find a more permanent solution to the problem. (Note that the solution mentioned above is a temporary one as Apple stated itself).

Of course to be fair Apple did state among others, that soon they will release a fix for this bug. So we can only hope that they manage to release it before anything worse than a prank happens.

If you have any problems with this bug just follow the three steps and you’ll be good to go for now. If you want the problem gone once and for all you’ll have to wait a bit longer and hope that in the meantime no one will try to crush your device for any purpose other than a prank.

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