Apple’s new Battery Case is fending off other Battery Case manufacturers

Apple is releasing an external battery case for their iPhone 6s, it is called, “iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case”, it increases your iPhone 6s’s battery life by 25 hours. This newly made accessory is available from today for only $99 at a unique black and white color.

First we will talk about the design, just like other cases its main manufacturing material is high quality silicon. Apple did not tell us about the exact amount of extra battery life you will get, but it is 18 to 25 hours.

Similar to other battery cases, the company used a lightning male port, to connect at the bottom of your iPhone 6s. By using the lighting cord you can easily charge the phone, but most of the other batteries usually depend on micro USB cord, so now you do not have to carry the extra cable. This new accessory from Apple also supports iPhone 6, but they did not design it for 6 Plus or 6s Plus.

Apple made the case in such a way that when you use the case, you will also be able to use phone’s other features like camera, microphones easily.

You should also know that the case contains inbuilt passive antennas; it will make sure that the additional hardware attached to your phone will not damage your cell phone performance.

Although there are many other battery cases from different brands in the market already, but what Apple has, is the home ground advantage, basically they can do whatever they want with their Operating System, which will praise their case in some ways that no other  branded cases can match till Apple opens APIs.

So you are asking what exactly can Apple do?

If you plug the phone with the battery case, there will be two battery indicators on the screen; one will be for your phone’s built-in battery and the other will be for your new battery case. Other branded cases can come up with some new upgrades, with some purposely built apps…. but they cannot exhibit them on the lock screen.

So, now the question is why Apple is is releasing the battery case when others are doing just fine? It’s all about the money; they just want more money from iPhone’s owners. If they release an official ornament, they will get all the profits from it, and they do not have to sell Mophie and Anker batteries on their stores.

This is also the reason that they revealed the Smart Cover and Smart Case for iPad. Most of the iPad owners are buying these cases with their iPads, and Apple is getting some good profits from those.