Apple’s new charging dock costs $79 but it does not look that expensive.

When Apple introduced the Nightstand mode in its watch OS 2, they were thinking to design a charging dock for the Apple watch as it was a logical choice. This dock is able to hold the watch in a place while you have a comfortable nap. This charging dock saves you the trouble to attach the watch to a cable. Today; Apple has launched the Apple Watch Charging Dock officially, it works in Nightstand mode and also as a flat out charging pod. But beware this is a very expensive hardware which will take out $79 from your pocket.

The dock is designed as a circle and it is made of plastic and in the middle it is fitted with a magnetic charging puck. It certainly does look like an expensive pillow for your watch.

It looks like Apple is using lighting ports everywhere. Their new mouse, trackpad and keyboard all came with a lighting port and lighting cable. They even designed the new Apple TV remote with lighting port to recharge the battery.

So again Apple is back with new Apple Watch Dock which has a long lighting cable which is 2 meters long and it is sad that it does not come with a USB adapter, except that there is not much to say about the charging dock. The dock does not add any extra features to the watch, it is just a good looking accessory if you want to use your expensive watch as an alarm clock.

Although $79 is a bit too much for just a charging dock where the official iPhone’s dock costs $39 only.

But an expensive charging dock is suitable an expensive watch. If you really love the Apple watch you could buy this desirable stand for your home or office. After all the price tag on the new Apple Watch Hermes is more than $1,000. But you should keep in mind that Apple is not forcing you to buy the charging dock.

Some other third parties were available for some time, and some of them are very better looking than this big white circle. Our favorite stand is Twelve South’s Forte. This stand is made of metal and good quality leather and it only costs $59 saves you $20. Although there were other even cheaper alternatives.

Well in the end some Apple hungry people will lover the small pillow metaphor and buy the stand. The Apple dock is accessible in some specific Apple store’s now and you can also buy it from Apple’s website.