Apple’s new OS X El Capitan

During the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple presented the new version of its PC operating system, the OS X El Capitan.

The improvements that were made to this version, compared to the earlier version (Yosemite), can be easily spotted at the using experience, according to what Craig Federighi (Apple’s vice president) stated during his presentation.

One of the most important changes that were made, concerns the Safari web browser. In the browser users will now be able to sling sites to the tab bar simply by “pulling” the left. In addition, the address bar now becomes the spot where the users will find the tab that generates sound and from which there will be the option of direct mute.

But beyond the Safari browser, there are some other significant modifications to the new operating system as well. The Spotlight researching experience has also been improved through the ability to respond to questions that are made in a natural language. There is a new app called Notes, while the Mission Control’s interface has also been improved to manage better you tabs.

And of course let’s not forget the Split View feature (one of the most important modifications as well), thanks to which the users can now run two apps at the same time by sampling splitting the screen in half.

As for the performance, Apple supports that all apps open 1.4 times faster with the El Capitan while the switching between applications becomes twice as fast and all PDF files are opened up to four times faster through the Preview app.

So far so good. A very good operating system (at least on paper so far) with a pretty catchy name. And this the part where we all ask the same question. It is true that funny or weird names are often given to news operating system (like most Android versions), but how on earth was the name El Capitan inspired? Well lucky for you, this question shall not bother you anymore because we have the answer!

The new OS X El Capitan was named after a mountaintop at the Yosemite national park. Simple as that.

The upgrade will be available in beta version for the developers from this July and the coming autumn it will also become available through a free download for all users.

We definitely look forward to testing Apple’s new os when it comes out for all users. Until then, stay tuned!

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