Apple’s Q2 Market Share In China All Time Low At 5 Percent In China

Apple is continuing it trend of becoming lesser and lesser important in Chinese market. Today we’re seeing a report which says Apple’s Q2 market share hit an all time low since 2010’s 4th quarter with just 5% of the entire smartphone market. The report comes from Canalys research group.

In the first quarter Apple had a market share of 9% and since then it dropped heavily to reach the current 5% says Nicole Peng, research director of Canalys. Samsung is still in the leads in Chinese smartphone market with 18% market share. The domestic manufacturers like ZTE & Lenovo holds a considerable amount of market share and that too are bigger than that of Apple.

“Apple is only focused on the high-end segment, and China’s smartphone market growth right now is coming from the mid- to low-end,” Peng said.

Beijing based Xiaomi was able to push Apple to 6th position by its shipment from the Q2 alone. Apple’s pricing strategy for iPhone is the one thing everyone blames for the less sales. With Apple’s highly priced iPhones against the domestic cheaper but feature rich smartphones currently we don’t see anyway Apple could increase their market shares. Apples new iPhone 5C, the budget version is going to be crucial for them. That’s the only hope for Apple as of now.

Here is the market share holders sorted according to their ranks:

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Source: Canalys

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