Baidu starts accepting Bitcoins for its protection service

BitCoin and BaiduThe search engine giant from China Baidu has started accepting Bitcoins as payments for their security and protection services wing Jiasule. The move is pretty huge since many are still in doubts about the legitimacy of online crypto-currency Bitcoin. According to the reports Baidu has started accepting the Bitcoin payments since October 14th.

“Jiasule, as the innovator of the internet, has become the first cloud services vendor to support Bitcoin, giving us richer payment methods and experience,” the company said in a statement.

Jiasule is a part of Baidu which helps websites to get protection from DDOS and similar attacks. It’s like the Cloudflare USA equivalent in China. Baidu accepts the Bitcoin currency only for the protection services from Jiasule and nothing else. This could help website owners to become completely anonymous since Bitcoin payments are said to be untraceable. Since the seizure of SilkRoad which used Bitcoins as their currency by FBI, Bitcoin users were not sure about using the currency and this made the currency to drop its value to an extend. However the currency managed to made up its value and now stands at a good US$155 for one Bitcoin.

Baidu is the 5th most visited website in the whole world according to Alexa and this move by them sure will help Bitcoin to get back its lost reputation. Are you a Bitcoin user? Let us know your thoughts on this by commenting below.

Source: RT

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