Top 5 Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners – October 2016

For your pool to be safe and fun to use, you have to keep it clean. Of course you can use a pool cover to keep debris and other similar things away but in keeping elements such as algae away, you are going to need one of the best pool vacuums available today. A common clear sign that you should be on your way to buying a pool vacuum is if your pool looks a bit cloudy.

And it shouldn’t really bother you whether you can afford one. For less than $100, you can own one. And if you can spend well above that, you can buy one to a tune of $3000. Pool vacuums come in two forms, manual and automatic. If all this sounds new to you, read on to understand the difference between the two.

Manual pool vacuums: A manual pool vacuum comprises three parts namely, a vacuum head, a pole and a hose. Each of the parts has its own specific role. To get the cleaner working, you will have to correctly connect each of them to one another. Sounds technical?  Don’t be scared yet. It will be pretty obvious where you should connect each.  Once you’ve done that, you can sail it through the water, from one end to the other, including on the steps and the sides, as it collects the dirt. Leave out the larger debris so as not to clog it. You can use something else like a net to pick out the larger elements.

Automatic pool vacuums: Automatic pool vacuums come in three forms:

1. Robotic pool vacuums

Just as the name suggests, this type of pool cleaners carry out the cleaning task on their own without any supervision. Once you’ve lowered it into the pool, it will be collect all debris it comes across, not to mention that it will be propelling itself from one end to the other doing all the necessary cleaning tasks. But here’s the catch. Whereas these robotic cleaners can do all the pool cleaning work on their own, you will folk out huge bucks to own one. But there’s no doubt they are super-efficient and more useful in the long run.

2. Suction pool vacuums

In their category, suction pool vacuums come across as the cheapest.  To collect debris, they will need the help of your filtration system and existing pump.  Always ensure the two are in a good state if you intend for the cleaner to work well.  Of course you will be pulling the dirt into the filter system which means that you will have to change the filter often.

3. Pressure pool vacuums

If your pool is notorious for gathering huge amounts of debris, this is the cleaner you will need to clean it well. Unlike the two we’ve looked at, this one makes use of water pressure. It sucks in the larger debris into a bag separate from the filter. The smaller dirt gets absorbed into the filter. To enhance its performance, you can purchase it alongside a booster pump.

Which one to choose between an automatic pool vacuum and a manual pool vacuum is simply a question of budget, preference, and opinion. But knowing that you will want to know which model is the best to pick under the categories we’ve mentioned, we went ahead to compile a list of the best pool vacuums available in the market so far. Here’s what we found.

BARACUDA G3 W03000 Pool Cleaner (Suction side)


Being a #1 Best Seller certainly means that the Barracuda G3 is the pool vacuum to beat. Not only is it powerful but also one of the quietest suction pool vacuums. You can expect an optimum performance from it even if you pair it up with a low-speed pump.

If your pool has plenty of those minor and medium-sized debris, expect this suction cleaner to clean them all up and leave your pool sparkling clean. With the addition of the FlowKeeper Valve, the cleaner is able to control the flow of water which helps it maintain an optimum performance.  You can as well move it around tight and hidden corners, thanks to its wheel deflector.

In addition to being a durable suction cleaner, Baracuda G3 packs so much just to ensure that you get the best of results from it. It’s important to note this cleaner isn’t designed to pick larger debris so you will need the help of a net to catch the larger debris.


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Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner (Robotic)


Pentair GW9500 is well known among pool owners with deep and large pools. If you worry a lot about the size of your pool, this is what you need to keep the fears away. One great thing about this in-ground vacuum cleaner is its potential to safely clean any type of pool, from fiberglass, gummite, to vinyl and many others.

Packed with a unique turning mechanism, moving this cleaner around your pool should be least of your concerns. Not to mention that it can easily reach the most hidden areas of your pool. No large debris can penetrate into its horse as well, thanks to its spring loaded vacuum door.

Another superior feature of Pentair GW9500 is its bristle drive. Since it can create an oscillating vortex, it will not only run scrub and clean but also pick up all those small and huge debris.

Pentair GW9500 is also known for getting the job done fast.


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Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner (Pressure side)

polaris-vac-sweep-280Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is another best seller known by many for its incredible performance.  With the help of its sweeper and pressure, Polaris 280 will knock the sides of your pool and thereafter suck all the debris that will have come out before they spread out.

You can move it around even to the furthest areas of your pool, thanks to its 31 feet of feed hose. What’s more, Polaris 280 can clean your rectangular, circular or other oddly shaped swimming pool.

With this pressure side cleaner, you will have your pool looking sparkling clean in less than 2 hours which is as a result of its double jets. Is your pool large? That shouldn’t worry you because it comes with a huge bag to keep the debris.  But to make its performance efficient, you will need to buy a booster pump as well.


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Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit (Manual vacuum)


Intex Deluxe is among the very few bestselling manual vacuum cleaners. It’s actually the closest you will ever come to a perfect cleaner.  One of its key features is the 110″ telescoping aluminum shaft. You can use it to clean pools with a width as wide as 18″ and above, and also use it with included attachments.

With its vacuum, it can suck all the debris off the pool’s floor and pump it through the filter (with the help an Intex filter pump). You can as well interchange the debris skimmer, scrub brusher, and the vacuum as you go about the cleaning.

Intex Deluxe is not only the cheapest vacuum cleaner you will ever come across. It’s one of the most easy to assemble.


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Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus Pool Cleaner (Robotic)


Dolphin 99996323 has for many years stood out among the best in-ground swimming pool vacuums.  Operating it is nothing close to technical, as you will want to imagine. Just plug its components into the power outlet, drop it into the water, turn on the power and watch it do the rest of the work.

What’s best is that once it’s done cleaning (which can take up to 3 hours maximum) it automatically shuts off. With this pool cleaner, you can be rest assured that your pool’s sides, floor, steps and all other angles will be left clean.

In addition to all these, this particular pool is so easy to use and lightweight.


To sum up, if you want to get the best out of your pool by keeping it clean, then keep your eye on these five best pool vacuums. Should you decide to buy a manual pool vacuum, keep in mind that you will have to put in more effort in cleaning the pool. However, what you can be sure of is that you will do a great job in cleaning your pool since you can reach out many areas and pick out every debris. Meanwhile, if you opt for an automatic one, you can be sure of it doing all the work for you and saving you some effort as well. But be aware that some repairs and maintenance will be needed to keep it in a good state. Happy shopping!