5 Best Monitors and Displays for Console Gaming – October 2016

Console gaming is a fun activity but it gets more amusing when you use great components to do it. What this means is that for a surreal gaming experience, you need a great monitor, a great console, a great game, amongst other great things. Today, we delve into the maze of gaming monitors available out here so as to single out the best that would work great with your gaming console.

Any pro gamer in console gaming will tell you that a quality monitor offers an experience like no other, contrary to what folks who use a TV experience. In fact, every serious gamer advices against the use of a TV in place of a monitor for console gaming. Among the many good things you will get from using a fantastic gaming monitor include superior image quality and great color production, mobility and responsiveness.

Picking the best gaming monitor for your console can often get confusing and tough especially when you have to check through all those tortuous specs. Add on the many brands and models you have to sift through and you’ll literary want to throw in the towel. So to start you off and make this process as simple as possible, here’s what you need to have in mind before making your purchase.


1080p or Full HD is the proper resolution for games that run on Xbox one or PS4. Going by this figure, 1920 X 1080 would be an ideal resolution to opt for if you intend to have a fantastic experience.  Anything higher than that may be of no use as the games won’t run on it after all.

Screen size

A fair portion of pro players and gaming enthusiasts prefer a screen size measuring 24″. 22″ is still fine but in console gaming, bigger is always better which means that if you can afford a 27″ monitor, then you are off to a fantastic start.

Refresh rate

For console gaming, a 60Hz monitor will do the job well. Remember that nearly all console games don’t go any further than 60Hz. Going for something higher than this will only make a huge difference if you intend to use the monitor for both pc and console gaming.


A perfect monitor for console gaming is one that has a low response time, preferably 1ms (if it features a TN panel) or 4ms (if it features an IPS panel). A TN panel works well with console gaming but if you prefer premium image quality and superior viewing angles, an IPS panel will be a great option.

So there you have it, not forgetting to mention connectivity. A single HDMI port is good for a start so check to ensure there’s at least one port.

Next we’ve done all research and hard work on your behalf so as to narrow down on the best monitors for your console. Off we go.

BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM


Top on the list of BenQ RL24455HM monitor features is the advanced black equalizer technology, a feature that enables you to a have a clear image of everything regardless of the lighting conditions.  The screen measures 24″ and takes pride in being one of the few LED-backlight LCD screens.

Graphics have been taken care of by its great refresh rate of 60Hz. With such a fresh rate, it’s easy to forget about streaks or trails in games of high motion. The response time is 1ms, a perfect rate for console gaming.  Not forgetting the resolution which is 1920 X 1080, a perfect recommendation for console gaming as well.

If you are still in need more proof as to why this inexpensive monitor is undoubtedly one of the best options for your console, head over to Amazon and check out the highly rated and positive reviews.


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ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD


ASUS VG248QE is a favorite monitor to many XBOX one and PS4 players and if you are wondering why, the reasons are many. First off, it has a screen size of 24″ with is also a full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 X 1080.  Its response time of 1ms is still a great option for console gaming which is further enhanced by a rapid refresh rate of 144 Hz, a far greater rate than what a gaming console needs but still perfect.

What’s more, it has an LED backlight with a contrast ratio of 50.000.000:1 that offers really dark blacks.  It’s also ergonomically designed and in addition to the HDMI port, you also have VGA and DVI ports.  Like BenQ RL255HM, this monitor is also inexpensive and will only cost you about $200.


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Samsung U28E590D


One thing that always screams out loudest on Samsung U28E590D is the 4K technology. You are probably aware that this is the kind of technology perfect for the next gen consoles.  Some consoles like the Xbox one S carry an inbuilt Ultra HD 4K Bluray-player and so when you link it to this kind of screen, your gaming is kicked to 4k at 60Hz which is an experience any gamer would trade for nothing.

Its screen measures 28″ and on top of that, you have a response rate of 1ms and a 2 HDMI ports. In all fairness, this monitor is worth everything you pay for it.


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LG 24GM77


LG Electronics carries a decent reputation in the world of electronics and with the LG 24GM77, they once again show us why they are the brand to beat. You will soon realize that every feature of this gaming monitor is game friendly, starting with its 1920 x 1080 resolution. At 1080p, expect a great performance which is further supported by its TN panel, a 144Hz refresh rate, and response rate of 1ms, all a great combination for console gaming.

Also included is the Dynamic Action Sync (DAS), a feature that helps to cut down the input lag. Of course it has an HDMI port, on top of other two video inputs- the display port and VGA. Looking at all these amazing features, one won’t have a hard time figuring out why the monitor is rated high and costs slightly higher than those we’ve looked at.


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Acer Predator XB241H


Just as the name suggests, the Acer Predator XB241H is a beast of sorts when it comes to console gaming. Everything that’s been packed into this monitor automatically qualifies it as a gaming master right from its TN panel and 1920X 1080 resolution.

As you might expect, it has a low response time of 1ms, and a refresh rate of 144Hz, all a perfect combination any pro gamer needs for their console or even PC if they have one. With this combination, what you have is one of the fastest gaming monitor ever. Add on the G-sync technology and you end with a monitor so amazing to play any game you can think of on.  It also has a single HDMI port and a display port as well.


So, to sum up, are you one of those serious gamers hunting for absolute gaming monsters? Well go right ahead and do yourself a favor by picking either of these gaming monitors we’ve mentioned here. You’ll forever be proud of your decision. Of course, there’s more to expect from this brands and many others and so stay closer to us so as you don’t miss out on the next releases and updates.